10 things that we haven’t said while filming « Revolution » music video [by Lydie]

10 things that we haven’t said while filming « Revolution » music video [by Lydie]

When you’re shooting a video, you can easily imagine that everything doesn’t always happen the way it should be…

Here’s a list which resumes quite well our adventures and meetings :

1 : Few days before the shooting, we hadn’t found yet the other cameraman who could replace Jeremie while we were both in the scene. It is at that time that the name of « Eddy » came to our mind. Who is Eddy ? He is nobody else that Maxime’s rollerblades teacher (The eldest son of Jeremie and Manue). He became for us such an extraordinary help, learning at the same time than filming how to control the drone. He made us laugh even more…

Revolution video clip filming Heroic Nation

2 : We had the luck to meet Kaesia and Deborah from the « L Danse » dance groupe, at a great week-end JAP (Young adults in Paris). We had a great feeling and we really felt that it should be them dancing in our video clip for «Revolution». They have immediately accepted to go to Pau and have been dancing under extreme conditions such as real stuntwomen : rise on a rusty scale dating from an incertain time ( we did have test it previously), get frozen seriously ( because no, we haven’t filmed their part in summer) and finally do all over again several parts until not being able to breath properly. But never they did complain and they have impressed us by their dedication and their amazing professionalism.

Revolution video clip filming Heroic Nation

3 : We had the marveillous idea to use distress fires for few shooting parts. The day was starting and during the first filming part I did receive a burning dust in my eye, and I can assure you that I felt like my brain was burning too.. Hopefully, my slaver was a precious remedy as no water points were surrounding us . Remember to never underestimate the amazing power of our body hey hey hey …

4 : When Jeremie told me on the morning that we will have several shooting parts while running, I have looked at my wedges and thought that it should be ok, it is not like if I had Stilletos… But after a while, all I can say is that each time I was running, I felt like if I had joined the military service and I was telling myself «  it’s all mental, it’s a real mental game » . At that time, if my ankles could have been able to speak , it would have shout to me : « You know what we’re thinking of your mental game ?? »

5 : From laughs to tears…..I think I will always remember the picture of my brother Jeremie who exults to finish the last shooting part by trowing the distress fire from 5 floors and suddenly realizes that it is starting a fire down below… In a second, he went from laughs to tears, and was shouting while tumbling down staircases «  We are completely stupid » . Finally he began laughing nervously at relief when he noticed that the fire had stopped and that there was not smoke anymore and above all no damage… That was such a fright !

6 : Find a good place for a music video’s set can be complicated. That’s the reason why we have decided straight away to pick this old hospital as « The one » when we had the chance to discover it in a previous photoshoot. It is just so perfect with a sunny day. However, when two bad guys named Jeremie and Eddy decided to shoot the movie’s project «  Blaireau Quiche » ( Funny french’s words association lol) in the dark, everything has changed.. I was begging my mum to come and pick me up ! Yes, OKAY, I’m afraid of the dark and I’m 31 years old and so ???

Heroic Nation Afraid black

7: To find myself left alone when the two same Stooges, Jeremie and Eddy find it funny to discover at the end of the day, a cave or a kind of abandoned cellar outside the building, surrounded with brambles and with a not identified outcome…..Well all I can say is that yeah, sometimes I can be crazy but absolutely nuts, no I’m not…This is the very big difference between men and women : Guys always want to play the adventurers ! However, after long minutes, even endless, I couldn’t hear a sound..I must confess that I was completely frightened,. « Jeremie ? Eddy ? Are you here ? Come on guys…Seriously, it’s not funny…In the movies it’s known that we should never be apart from each other , it is always at that time that it turns out badly… » And then a sound « Bouhhhhhhhhhh » came out and I did recognize Jeremie’s voice.. I find myself so stupid but so reassured… They will never confess but I am pretty sure they were also so scared ahahaha….

8: It was such an atypical place ! For example, find a bathtub in the middle of the garden can be quite weird… Why was it there ? We did exchange our various points of view and decided to have a keepsake photo taken. And yup I jumped into the bathtub but what I didn’t know it is that it was made rusty and wet ! Fortunately it was the end of the day and there was no more background shooting!

Sans titre-1

9: We had with us «  drUnus » our great friend, always with us. How come, you don’t know « drUnus » ? So well, it is all about our wonderful drone which overflew the building and has allowed us to have beautiful air views of Pyrenees among others.. (with objectivity, the most beautiful mountains of the world). But at the time of repacking everything, Jeremie realizes that a transparent mask of one of the lights of ” drUnus ” is missing. It is a quite small object, transparent, in the middle of rubbles, it was « Mission Impossible » . The place was sprinkled with glass wool, with fragment of concrete, with glass, with dirts and with dust. After a fruitless search for around thirty minutes, Jeremie and I decided to ask for God’s help .And you know what ? We found it in front of Jeremie’s foot almost immediately ! There is no too small or too big miracle for Him.

10: The shooting of the music video « Revolution » will be burned into our memory as a mix of giggle shared, good dishes to the restaurant in noon, beautiful discoveries and of good big frights. But what we really hope before everything , is that this music video will bring light everywhere it will be viewed . We just want to share this unconditional love that operates a real revolution in the hearts which receive it: the love of Jesus!


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