Push Forward [by Lydie]

Push Forward [by Lydie]

Interview written and published on the site ” jarretedetreparfaite.com” by Cindy Ghys

I present to you a portrait of Lydie Carretero. A woman that is gentle and full of character, funny and talented, whom I take pleasure in meeting with whenever I go back to my childhood home in the Pyrenees.

• In a nutshell, what’s your story?

I am the last of four children, with a father who is pastor and a mother who is a nurse. I had a wonderful childhood. My parents took us everywhere!

At the age of 19, I both got engaged and received my high school diploma. I was accepted, after a process of auditions, to a musical school on the outskirts of London. These three years were very hard, but they changed my life forever. (I had a lot of catching up to do where dancing was concerned. I was taking night classes with 4-year-olds!) My faith in God was very precious to me. After working as an actress, mainly in London, I had the desire to return to France to develop a musical project. My husband Michael and I then had our two princesses, Eva and Emmie. After this, my big brother Jérémie and I founded what would later become “Heroic Nation”, a music group which has given us an artistic platform to reach out. It is very hard not to go into details because there is so much to say! Today, the journey takes us everywhere. I have the opportunity to meet incredible people, diverse cultures, as well as the chance to exercise my passion: singing and creating compelling music.

• What does your daily life look like today?

I will say that my life is full of my role as a wife and as a mother to my little girls who are 5 and 3 1/2. My job as a singer takes up a lot of energy and time as well. But these roles excite me very much!

• If the woman you are now could have spoken to the little girl you were, you know the rest of the story, what would you have said to her?

” Do not be afraid to be yourself. Be proud of your convictions. Be proud of what you have learned. An incredible future, that you can not even imagine, is waiting for you! ”

• In your personal journey, what makes you happy?

I am happy to be part of this family. I have a wonderful husband. My children also bring me a lot of joy. But my personal life is mostly marked by my faith. Believing that anything is possible, I was able to realize many of my dreams that I would not have thought were possible before: successfully completing my 3 years of studies in a prestigious English musical comedy school (without ever taking dance classes before and or having finished the required level), getting my first agent in London, and now creating with my brother a music band that is traveling all over the world!

• What are the areas you had trouble letting go of and how did you get over them?

Even though I may hide it well, I’m naturally very shy. For many years, and still sometimes, I had an acute lack of self-confidence, and I was always looking for reassurance and affirmation from others (which didn’t necessarily help me). So I was constantly stagnating from what my surroundings were telling me and I was not free. One day I decided that it had to stop and God helped me gradually. Public speaking was my worst fear. Before auditions I could never sleep at night. I would get up multiple times to use the restroom from the pressure of knowing that soon I would be exposed to the stares of others and that scared me. Today I am no longer the same and I am happy to say all of it has been useful in helping me become the woman I am today.

• If you were to be locked in a musical for one month which one would you choose?

Without a doubt “West Side Story”! It was with a theatrical replay of this comedy that I was able to integrate into my school in London. I love the year, the outfits, the history and the music !!

• The truth on what you think about your body?

I never liked my body, just like many women I imagine … I tell myself, if I start doing sports again, it would do me some good!

• Among the 5 love languages (gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, touch, acts of services), which affects you more particularly?

It’s hard to say because all of them are encouraging and make me feel loved. Words of affirmation and quality time would probably be my two favorites, but I find them all closely related.

• Who has influenced your life the most?

God, without hesitation, taught me to love myself and see things from a different angle. My parents have also played a vital role in my life. They always encourage me during difficult times and push me not to be satisfied with small dreams, but to seek further. Finally, my husband who has always believed in me and who supports me enormously!

• Is there an inspiring quote or philosophy you live your life by?

It’s not what you think about yourself that matters, but what you’re going to do, and who you’re going to become.

You have incredible worth ; do not be too hard on yourself.

• If you could have lunch with someone you’ve never met, who would it be, and what would you ask them?

If it was a singer, maybe Celine Dion. She is a legend and I would love to hear about her personal journey, her thoughts, and her role as a mom!

• If you could change one thing about your daily routine with a snap of a finger, what would it be?

To no longer have to shop for groceries and clean my house, or do laundry, or iron, or cook. For everything to be done automatically !!

• What would you say to inspire women’s hearts?

Each of us is gifted with exceptional talents and qualities that need to be explored. Do not compare yourself to others, for they will never be you and you will never be them! You were created to be unique, so be happy with who you are.