2nd week with Heroic Nation

2nd week with Heroic Nation

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bros and sis!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone so much for all the positive comments said about the first part of my blog! Thank you all! So this is my second week with Heroic Nation (yes I know I’m a bit late but I’m gonna make it up to y’ all as next time it will be a vlog about my two other weeks with Heroic Nation! So get ready!I’d also like to ask that if you can after (or now) reading this blog you can keep Heroic Nation in your prayers. They are doing perfectly fine don’t worry but I just have it in my heart to pray for them. if you are not used to praying it can go something like:

“father please take care of Heroic Nation of every member and of their families. Serving you every day is a blessing but can sometimes be challenging and you have called them to. So, I pray that you keep them safe in all their tours, that you bless them every day and lead them where you want them to be. Thank you, father, for who you are for the dreams you put in people’s hearts and we know you provide in every way in Jesus name Amen.”

God really put it in my heart to make this short prayer! Today more than ever I wanted to give God this blog and let him lead everything so let’s see where it brings us!

First Day

Today wasn’t a very busy day, I actually organized the whole blog so it would look good using WordPress. As I was organizing my blog I realized that I needed to translate the whooooole thing in French aha. So I did and it was so weird to translate myself.

I put a few pics that some of you may have seen on social networks to show the coming out of my blog. As these tasks took a long time, I don’t have much to say about them, I’ll talk to you a little bit about my testimony.

I’ll talk to you about my first day in an evangelist church. Born a Catholic I had only gone to Catholic church during my whole life and so the first time I went to an evangelist church was when I was 18 with my ex-boyfriend. We were in a little town called Laval and I wanted to try something new, so I saw this tiny church and we went. We walked in and sat down. When the music started playing every song that they played made me cry. I really couldn’t explain exactly what was happening. I tried to sing the songs, but I couldn’t ever word was hitting me straight in the heart. I wasn’t singing the song I was living the song. It was simple yet so deep and I cried and cried and cried. I felt God’s love for me (I didn’t realize at the moment) but that’s what it was, unexplainable and couldn’t be controlled. I didn’t care who saw me crying and I didn’t want to stop, it felt so good to cry, to let it out. A man started screaming really loud he said, “God come heal me from this headache come heal me it hurts!”. People started praying louder for this man and later on, he said, “Thank you lord you freed me you healed me!”. I couldn’t believe it he was healed! I cried even more (probably for a good hour.) When the pastor spoke, I drank every word he was saying, I can’t say I understood everything, but that day was a turning point in my life. God had found one of his lost sheep.

Second Day

As some of you may know Heroic Nation will be participating in the Fete de l’évanglie. This event usually gathers Christian families, teens, young adults, parents… there are different activities you can attend for three days and of course, there are concerts. Heroic Nation will be singing at the beginning and the end of the big event and will also be singing for teens. Not only are they singing but they are also organizing the stage production. As the little interne, I get a scoop on what will happen since I’m helping out hehe! And spoiler alert: it’s gonna be awesomeeee!!!

So today we had a facetime meeting with one of the head organizers of the event and we started talking to him about how the beginning of the ceremony will take place. I didn’t understand everything they were talking about because there are a lot of terms, I do not know in this Domaine. However, we talked about what exactly will take place what type of props will be used to make a great entrance and that was pretty cool. It feels funny to be on the other side to be part of the team who comes up with ideas for the event. If you’ve already been to one of these Christians events as I have, when you are there you live every moment without worrying about the organization everything is perfect and you enjoy everything! When you see what is going on how everything is planned it’s wooow. You see that there is so much work put into the organization and especially everything every minute is calculated.

Third Day

This third day was very different, (I will not put this in my memoir haha because we didn’t work) it was different because Lydie and I talked about our testimonies and it was powerful. I told her everything God had done in my relationship and everything he had shown us. She then gave me her testimony considering her marriage and relationship with Mika. Everything she said was a great help for my relationship. She opened my eyes on what a Godly relationship is and she is showing it every day (yes Lydie you inspire me!). Lydie gave me a lot of keys to building a Godly relationship. I will not go into details of course but I just want to thank Lydie for supporting us and I want to thank HN for praying for us.

Today I also got this weird motivation coming from absolutely nowhere to go running. Weird. So I get my sports clothes on and start jogging in Pau. As I start running, I get cramps, but not simple cramps they were really painful. I knew I hadn’t practiced sports in a loooong time and that it happens sometimes to have cramps when your breathing pattern isn’t right but gosh it hurt sooo much. It felt like it was digging in my thigh. I stopped to breathe and tried every technique to make it go away. I also prayed and asked God to stop the pain. What happened was really eye-opening I noticed that the pain came every time I stressed and why did I stress? Well, a stupid reason I might as well share, I was scared of what others thought of me. I was like “ they might think I run slowly, they might think “wow she is too skinny” just you know useless questions. And I realized something: God was telling me if you compare yourself or care so much about other people’s opinions you will slow down. the cramps made me slow down and hurt me just like when I care too much about other people’s opinions.

After this revelation, I barely had any cramps… funny how God talks to us sometimes.

Also, I believe this event happened thanks to working with Heroic Nation, by working with them I put God way more into my life. As they work every day for God I get into this habit (which has to be the best habit haha). Every time I face a hard situation I pray every time I start to get to work I pray. I just see how God wants to act in our lives so dearly if we let him. All we have to do is ask and thanks to working with Heroic Nation I got this habit. Thanks guys!

Fourth Day

This fourth day was a busy day. I was a community manager today! It’s cool because with this internship I wear different caps every day! Lydie asked me to make a design with a verse from the bible for Instagram. So, I used my favorite Adobe tool! Illustrator! I prayed to really be guided by God as to what verse he would like me to put on Instagram and what came to mind was “heart”. So, I looked for verses about this word and found “God looks at the heart”. It made me think it all comes down to this in faith. You can do whatever you want, read your bible, pray, preach if your heart isn’t truly full of love if he isn’t true than what is the point? God knows us and knows our hearts he knows why we do things. Is it for our pride? Is it an Image we want to give? Or is it deep? Is it with love? God only knows what is in your heart.

So no I didn’t just post a picture on Instagram today haha I also worked on the website. Oh yes, we had a little technical issue… everything I translated had disappeared on the website so I had to work on this again… but hey moments like these happen sometimes and that’s okay we have to deal with them. Also, the guy who works on HN’s website handled the issue super well and fixed it! So cool! Big ups to him also because he made the website!

fifth Day

Wow, time flies I’m already on my second week! Today was a productive day, we started by going to Lydie’s to talk a bit more about the “Fete de l’Evangile.” It was soooo cool because we had to organize the “stage set up” during the opening. So we brainstormed ( I won’t tell what ideas we got so it’s a surprise for y’ all). But yeah we tried to find some good music and some original ideas it was fun! Again wearing different caps every day! Afterward, I went to Jeremy’s house and (gosh today is pretty confidential haha) I listened to the music of their new album so again can’t really talk about it but dannnnng it’s lit!!! what they made gave me chills! Concerning this album Jeremy told me I could try to work on designs for the cover it’s so cool! Of course, they might not use my design but still, it’s an exciting challenge!

Afterward, I came home and worked on things like the blog and I’m starting to prepare a vlog for next week so stay tuned!!


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